About Me

Hi, my name is Mamadou Seck, I’m a software developer currently based out of Southern Illinois area, specializing in creating high performance, user centric web application, websites and windows applications for about 2 years.

I was exposed to the .NET Framework in my junior year pursuing a bachelors degree in computer science. I fell in love with the C# language, largely because I found it to be similar to Java (at the time) and adapted it and ASP.NET as the platform that I would specialize in; and thus, I have been using it even since.

Although I have had exposure to other programming languages such as Java, C, and MATLAB, and have even worked on a few projects using those languages, the bulk of the projects that I’ve worked on were done using the .NET Framework.


Lately I’ve been spending the majority of my time creating rich user interactive web applications and Windows applications using C#, ASP.NET(WebForms, MVC), Entity Framework(Database 1st, or Model 1st),LINQ to SQL,MasterPages, Nested-MasterPages, Classes Libraries, N-tier Architecture, jQuery, SQL Server(2008-2012), MySQL, WFA, and Visual Studio(2008-2013). I place a lot of focus on usability because regardless of how well the architectural design of the application is done, I feel that if a web application isn’t user-friendly, prohibiting the end-user to be efficient and productive while using the app, the application is not meeting its full potential.


I graduated from Southern Illinois University(SIU) with a bachelors degree in computer science in May 2012 year. Like most high tech professionals, self education is a consistent on-going habit I have gotten myself into. I’m constantly reading taking some Courses online,reading articles and books in order to stay current with the latest in technology innovations and best pattern & practices.

My Projects

Although many of the projects that I highlight in this website may be visually appealing, I do not consider myself to be a web designer, I merely have an eye for design and an appreciation for how good design can compliment a well written web application.